Ultimo Punto cultural association, based in Pennabilli (RN), was born in 1998 and has as primary purposes:
-promotion, development, safeguarding of the musical and artistic culture in the Montefeltro area, in Italy and abroad;
- realization and production of live shows, musical, theatrical, cinematographic events, exhibitions, conferences, courses and seminars;
- conception, programming and management of festivals, events and events of all kinds.
Since the foundation, the members have engaged constructively in achieving the set goals, proposing an intense and rich cultural activity ranging from theatrical and musical productions, to the programming of summer events, also in collaboration with other local realities. Intense is also the collaborative relationship that the members of Ultimo Punto have established with organizations, associations, companies that promote and produce cultural activities throughout Europe.

Since 1997, the association has been organizing the "Artisti In Piazza" International Performing Arts Festival. From the beginning the festival has stood out as one of the most important street art festivals scheduled in Italy and over time has evolved into a multidisciplinary festival (since 2015 it has become part of the circuit of festivals supported by MiBACT) . The performances of the artists together with the collateral actions - such as workshops, artistic installations, landart, exhibitions of plastic and figurative arts, parties and evening DJ sets, the refined offer of artistic craftsmanship, a varied restaurant and the children's area - form the backbone of the Festival. In four days, the historic center of Pennabilli welcomes about 55 international companies / artists, over 200 artists, for a total of about 350 performances and 30,000 audience attendances for each edition. The festival was born from the idea of enhancing all the expressions of art, from performative to visual, from theater to music, from contemporary circus to dance, presenting them outdoors in the frame of the medieval village, in public places that become a stage for shows and performances. The festival wants to promote artists from all over the world by giving them the opportunity to make their art and to express the artistic culture of their country of origi, performing in front of an international audience, of which national and international professional operators in the sector are often and willingly included.
The main purpose of Artisti in Piazza is the promotion of the arts and live entertainment as fundamental elements for the diffusion of culture, individual growth and social cohesion, as well as a factor of strategic development of our territory, also through an attention to the eco-sustainability and cultural and social impact.

Info and contacts: info@artistiinpiazza.com – tel. +39 0541 928003 – website: www.artistiinpiazza.com